“Small Minded People Get Nowhere” Is Here for The Small Town Youth: Check the Label

According to 19-year-old Nate Coleman, residents in the small town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, generally prefer streetwear from large retailers like PacSun and Hollister. Coleman, currently sporting a small, bright-blonde fro, prefers Saint Laurent.

As a response to his community's tendency to marginalize each other based on looks, Coleman created his own clothing brand, SMPGN (or "Small Minded People Get Nowhere"), in September 2015. At the start, Coleman learned to sew from a family friend and got a technical designer for UK brand Represent to make his first pattern. Now utilizing local resources, Coleman creates his own designs and sources his fabric, producing made-to-order pieces that capture the playfulness, ambition, and naiveté of youth—think Where The Wild Things Are meets modern streetwear. SMPGN also incorporates Coleman's love for costume design, mixing unpredictable garishness with Ready-to-Wear simplicity.

SMPGN's standout piece, the "CHILDISH DREAMS" hoodie, uniquely features furry fabric to replicate the softness and coziness of dreams. "I was with my friend joking around, and he was saying my dreams are probably childish, and I just thought about it," Coleman says. "The reason I grabbed onto it so hard is because I think about all the dreams that could be childish to people or sound impossible. You can do whatever you want to do."

Images: SMPGN

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