The Sushi Spot Bibi Bourelly Swears By: Word of Mouth

Bibi Bourelly was broke when she first moved to Los Angeles. The German-born singer-songwriter was propelled there at age 19, after a friend arranged a recording session with Kanye West. This led to the Rihanna hit “Higher,” but Bourelly’s real breakthrough came on 2015’s “BBHMM,” which she says she initially wrote for fun.

Although she’s still mostly known to those who study liner notes, Bourelly’s focusing on her burgeoning solo career, including the recent single “Ballin’,” which is dedicated to those ramen-filled early days in LA. Below, her best new discoveries.

A Sushi Recommendation in LA

One of the things that I love right now, that I got put onto, is Iroha hot sushi [Iroha Sushi of Tokyo].  It’s a spot in LA. OMG, don’t tell anybody our secret. Don’t go there, because if everyone now goes and I can’t get my sushi from Iroha, we are fighting, OK?
milk lip tint

Milk Makeup

Another thing I got put on to recently is Milk, this new makeup line that I’m obsessed with. And I’m not even, like, the makeup type!

Every single time I’ve worked with a makeup artist, I always want a really natural look. I don’t like anything that feels heavy or too much, so Milk is great. It blends perfect, and it makes it just look like it’s part of your skin. I have Milk lip gloss on right now, lip tint.

I don’t know what the shade is, but it’s so good.

David Sebastian

My friend [Los Angeles rapper] David Sabastian. He’s a creative genius, an incredible rapper, and an incredible performer. He’s phenomenal. I love him.

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