Bishop Nehru Brings His Charm to Little Dragon’s “Pretty Girls”

The Little Dragon remixes have been pouring in, especially with OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick offering a “ChopNotSlop” version of the girl group’s Nabuma Rubberband album. The latest to step up to the LD plate is New York rapper Bishop Nehru, who jumped on “Pretty Girls,” their buoyant summer anthem. While he doesn’t toy much with the song’s original make up, his subtle tweaks elevating the vocal pitch and adding a handful of ethereal synths enhance the track’s whimsy. He even lends a verse to the track, offering suave rhymes to juxtapose the ladies’ lofty vocals. Making a point to prove himself as a gentleman, he drops smooth lines like, “I see the sky inside of your eyes,” refers to beautiful women as queens, and raps about his search to find an empress to impress.

For an 18-year-old, Nehru’s sound is atypically sophisticated. It carries distinct jazz elements which date back to his days as a 13-year-old making jazz and hip-hop beats under the name “Kellz Scott.” Now his rhymes offer influences reminiscent of ’90s boom-bap, a musical era well before his time.

Nehru’s latest release, an exclusively collaborative album with MF DOOM, hit shelves in October, and since then he’s been dropping hints that his anticipated project Nehruvia: Understandable is in the works.

His stage name is a fusion of two worlds; “Bishop” was pulled from Tupac’s character in Juice, while “Nehru” was the last name of a former prime minister in India, who was known to have close relations with Gandhi.

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