The Hills Have Eyes: Hilarious Zine Asks You to Photoshop Hank Hill’s Eyes on to Whatever You Want

Print magazines are dead. Or at least that’s what everybody keeps saying. I just had lunch with a former editor of mine, and he told me to stop writing for magazines all together. “If they don’t have an online presence, they’re irrelevant,” he said. Well, that may be true if you’re writing strictly to get the maximum amount of eyes on your work, but if you just want to create dope things, any medium—zines, blogs, Tumblrs, etc—can be an appropriate outlet. Zines are one of the best because they’re self published and the creator is typically the editor, allowing for complete creative control.

One creative proved zines are an awesome way to get your work out there, and they can be hilarious too. Blank Hill Zine, a collaborative project out of Houston where you put Hank Hill’s eyes on other pieces of art, is ridiculous and funny.

The premise is simple: download the template of Hank Hill’s eyes, and Photoshop your genius creations on to it. In my opinion, the funniest image is the one with Hank Hill and the house-elf Dobby from Harry Potter, “Dang it, Dobby,” a riff off of Hank Hill’s most popular phrases in the show, “Dang it, Bobby.” Kudos to the genius who put that one together. You are one of this generation’s true visionaries.

If you’re creative and think you can come up with something as clever as the Dobby x Hank Hill image (you probably can’t but there’s no shame in trying) submit your work now. If your image is chosen you get a free copy of the zine, and you will go down as one of the most influential people in modern history.

Image: Blank Hill Zine

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