Borondo Brings His Art Installation to the Italian Streets and It’s Lit

Somewhere in Italy, Spanish artist Borondo blessed civilians by decking their streets with a new installation that utilizes both light and animation.

The artist, who’s been known to bring his art to public spaces, recently created a series of paintings on strips of plexiglass. Throughout the installation, the silhouettes evolve from branchy figures into shadowed, faceless human ones. He then mounts the pieces on street lamps in the Italian town of Marina Di Camerota, which at night illuminates the bodies in an eery fashion.

Finally, Borondo compiled images of the pieces, each its own frame, into a stop-motion animation that brings the transformation to life. The video can be viewed above.

He dubbed his installation “Kouroi,” which is the name given to ancient Greek sculptures of larger-than-life boys.

Visit Borondo’s site to see his other glass artworks and outdoor wall murals.

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