A Day In The Life with Braille Skateboarding at Dew Tour

When we found out the Green Label squad was headed to LA, we knew we had to call up our West Coast buddies Aaron and Lance from Braille Skateboarding. The lovable crew of skate sages packed their bags, hopped on a flight, and joined us to filmed a Dew-flavored “Day In The Life” at Dew Tour.

It all started with Lance trying to buy expensive orange juice in the hotel lobby. Eight bucks for an orange juice? No, thank you! Needless to say, the lack of orange juice didn’t slow us down. We ended up eating cheeseburgers, conquering the Dew course, skating the famed Hollywood High, and even had time to watch the greatest skate film of all time, WE ARE BLOOD. So, yeah, munchies, manny pads, and movie premieres. Are you not entertained? See Part 2 above and Part 1 below.

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