Breaking Bad and Walking Dead get Transformed in Old School VHS Covers

Before DVDs, Blu-ray discs and On Demand, there were Video Home Systems, or VHS. Now viewed as primitive, these videotape cassettes that allowed you to watch movies in the comfort of your own home, something that back in 1970 was hella futuristic.

The coolest thing looking back at VHS now is their cover artwork. Without YouTube to blast out promotional trailers, these covers had to work extra hard to appeal to the moviegoer, and so movie companies had to make sure their VHS covers looked very appealing. In some cases, companies went overboard, highlighting women with huge breasts or having the main character (always male) look like a Greek God on a mountain top. They were outrageous and corny, but awesome in their own way.

Pulling from this era and aesthetic French-born artist Julien Knez has recreated a handful of VHS covers for contemporary movies and TV shows such as Game of Thrones, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and, my personal favorite, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Knez has done a brilliant job at recreating the beat-up feel of a popular videostore VHS, and garish '80s design, down to the pull quotes, as in his creative interpretation of Interstellar: "Love Is The One Thing That Transcends Time And Space." What does that even mean? Then there are the names of the old-school production companies, for extra nostalgic effect (the "Video Classics Gold" logo on the Breaking Bad cover is pure gold).

Judging by this Instagram post, the covers are real, not just photoshopped. However, it doesn't look like any are for sale, and to make matters worse, Knez hasn't posted anything on the 'Gram since April. We're praying that he gets back to work soon. I need to see the VHS cover for Entourage, immediately.

Photos: Julien Knez's Instagram


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