Breaking Down Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batmobile

It is every guy’s dream to drive the Batmobile. Unfortunately, the closest we’ll ever get to sitting behind the wheel of one is in the Batman video games. Speaking of which, developer Rocksteady Studios has the Bat Signal aimed at retailers, releasing the newest installment in the Arkham franchise, Batman: Arkham Knight this week.

The phenomenal gameplay and story campaign have it as the clear frontrunner for this year’s Game of the Year. But right now everyone’s buzzing over the ability to drive Batman’s whip, which is a first for the series. And like any updated version of the infamous vehicle, it’s decked out with the most hi-tech features imaginable.

Think you’re ready to jump in Bruce Wayne’s ride? Suit up as we tear down the new Batmobile in the Caped Crusader’s latest adventure, and head over to, where Dew has teamed up with PlayStation to offer players special codes to unlock rewards, like an in-game skin that allows you to become "the sworn protector of Gotham City" with the Earth 2 Dark Knight costume. (Check it out here.)

Pursuit vs. Battle Mode

Consider this a crash course in Gotham City Cruising 101. The Batmobile is programmed with two modes: Pursuit and Battle. As expected, each one is equipped to showcase the bells and whistles of the vehicle in different situations.

Pursuit offers the ability to call in the Batmobile and swoop into the driver’s seat, while hunting down criminals at blazing fast speeds. Battle prepares you for infantry war with a host of weapons reserved to take down tanks and air drones.

Enter the Cockpit

The designers at Rocksteady built the Batmobile to resemble a Jet Fighter plane on the inside. So the pilot-inspired cockpit is furnished with an electromagnetic ejector seat, along with AI and remote guidance systems boasting enhanced recon capabilities. The door shoots backwards and forwards as well for instant access in and out of the vehicle.

Cutting-Edge Weaponry

Every superhero lives by a set of rules. One of Batman’s most infamous is “no guns, no killing.” Though even he’s been guilty of breaking this one time and time again. And when you look at what’s mounted at the top of the Batmobile, you’ll care less for his judicial morals.

The Batmobile carries a 60mm cannon that fires kinetic energy ammunition with a velocity range of 1,680 meters per second. Try outrunning that. But if we’re talking dope weaponry, nothing compares to the armor-piercing Vulcan gun. This is designed for both antitank and surface-to-air combat. You’d be wise to put it in use as much as possible.

Electroshock Defense

A handful of Gotham’s criminal masterminds have managed to hijack the Batmobile in the past. Well, nobody’s jacking it this time around; the mobile tank comes equipped with an EMP system that delivers a voltage burst of 200-300 kv to anyone who even approaches it. Expect baddies to be propelled towards the other end of the street if they dare step forward.

The WayneTech Engine

Under the hood lies a 1,200 bhp WayneTech hybrid power cell with jet turbine that sends the Batmobile from 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Maximum speed tops out at 209 mph, and that’s without the Nitro-Methane-powered afterburner. With it the speed threshold increases by 30 percent. This clearly makes it the fastest, most powerful Batmobile ever created.

Gyroscopic Wheels

Remember watching the Batpod pull a 180 off the wall in The Dark Knight? Well, the Batmobile looks engineered to pull off such stunts with Omni-directional tires that make it completely agile on the terrain. It’s capable of performing 360-lateral spins to strafe shots or missiles, plus it comes with bulletproof synthetic fibers to keep the spinners intact against heavy gunfire.

Immobilizer Missiles

Arkham Knight won’t just have players taking down vigilant criminals: you’ll also be forced into combat with air drones and other hi-tech vehicles. This is where immobilizer missiles come in handy. Utilizing the laser/infrared homing system to let off explosive warheads should help clear the roads faster.

Full-Armor Plating

As you can see, the vehicle is built like a futuristic military vehicle. The material found on the Batmobile is known as “carbon nanotube aggregate,” which by definition is used to significantly improve fire resistance. It’s also blast-resistant, with an explosive reactive armor that wraps around the cockpit. The Riddler might need something more nuclear to destroy the interior.

The Drone Virus

UAVs will be swamping the skies in Arkham Knight. Batman’s answer to this is the “drone virus” tool. Lucius Fox developed the technology to give our hero a chance against drone turrets, letting him hack these targeting devices and corrupt their AI to fight each other instead.

Power Winch

Look in the front and you’ll discover a deployable grapple claw strong enough to lift or tear down any object from a 60m range. We’re talking everything from hideout entrances to entire walls. One demo has shown the device being used to lift an elevator car back up to the surface. Damn that’s powerful.

The Containment Unit

We’re all accustomed to the Batmobile being a two-seater car. Rocksteady believes more is better, which is why the studio is introducing what it calls a “Containment Unit” that sits in the back of the vehicle to transport three extra passengers. At least we know Alfred, Lucius Fox, and Commissioner Gordon all have a ride when the city goes up in flames.

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