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A Brief History of the Shoes You Are Probably Wearing Now: The Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

At one point in your life, you laced up a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. At another point in your life, you laced up Chuck Taylor All-Stars. And, oh yeah, at some other point in your life, you laced up a pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The reason is quite simple: These shoes are, without question, probably the most versatile piece of clothing of the past 100 years—well, other than, like, t-shirts.


Introduced in 1917, the original All-Star was built with rubber and canvas, not too unlike the one you'll find at Foot Locker today, but was made to be an elite shoe for professional basketball players. This was a time before sneakers were a common "thing" (there were some sneakers around, yeah, but let's be real: there weren't a bunch of dudes in skinny jeans walking around sporting oversized Jordans). Admirably, the brand has gone on to last almost 100 years. What's more is that the design has hardly changed—but the sneaker's use has slowly evolved, a stylish go-to staple for everyone from teenagers listening pop punk to a hip twenty-something rocking a pair with a suit. From the basketball courts to the CBGB stage to a Danny Brown music video, let's take a look at how the shoe escaped the gymnasium.

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