Brockhampton Is Your New Favorite Boy Band

If you haven’t heard, Brockhampton is a fast emerging musical and artistic collective (or "boy band," as they've called themselves) from Texas. Featuring a roster of creatives, Brockhampton boasts musicians, graphic designers, producers, and videographers who are combining their talents to grace us with a mix of content.

Their latest release, “Bet I,” recruits no external resources. The song was written, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by Brockhampton group members. Even its artwork is courtesy of hk, the collective’s in-house graphic designer.

The tune itself features Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion, Ameer Van, Joba, Poofie, and Merlyn Wood. Each contributor chips in his own ingredients: Abstract, for example, ponies up his signature synth croons, while Champion’s rooted vocals offer a dose of darkness. The result is a balanced recipe of eclectic talents.

The instrumental is haunting and busy, while the lyrics are unforgiving and straightforward. Though the track is relatively lengthy, clocking in near a six-minute play time, the musicians offer enough stylistic meandering to avoid mundaneness.

“Bet I” can be streamed on Soundcloud here.

The track is a contrasting follow-up to the group’s last release, a nine-minute sultry ballad. Titled “Burn,” the song features the heavy vocals of Matt Champion and non-member Jon Waltz over a hypnotizing Brockhampton instrumental.

Other members of Brockhampton include Jabari Manwa, Jon Nunes, and BEAR//FACE.

To better refine the vision behind the collective, frontrunner Kevin Abstract narrated a video montage of otherwise-silent footage of Brockhampton members. See more about the clip, “Dreams Die Young,” here.

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