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Buddy Movies We’d Like To See Happen

Tried and true, buddy movies are a staple of Hollywood, and one that we’re always suckers for. Even if the plot lines can be predictable, buddy movies are the perfect cure for lazy Sundays or an excuse to dip into the theatre when the summer heat blazes too hard. At the worst, they’re forgettable, but many have become classics that can be re-watched for generations, by any generation.

Before one scene is filmed, most buddy movies can be make-or-break based on the casting. Sometimes two strong personalities clash, but that tension is just what the flick needs, while other times it creates a loose scenario, ripe for off the cuff riffing and spontaneous dialog. Let’s ignore budgeting, availability or even probability, and get right to 10 conceptual buddy movies that should be made and what we want to see these top-shelf names get into for 90 minutes.

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