Build This DIY Smart Watch With Vintage Flare

For ages folks have dreamed of getting their Dick Tracy or Inspector Gadget on, and now with the release of Apple’s smart watch and other tech companies on the wave it looks like they’ll soon be appeased.

There are a number of companies offering different design choices and at various price points: Samsung provides some inexpensive options like the Samsung Gear ($150-$330), while the folks at Apple stay appealing to their core consumers—those willing to drop a stack more cash for the brand name. Then there are the custom or luxury options, like this $177,000 24-karat gold version with a pythonskin strap.

Or you could go the route of “Instructables” user Aleator777.

Taking inspiration from Apple’s ultra old-school 1977 Apple II, Aleator777 built a shell using a 3D printer, then installed a small microcontroller, a 1.8” LCD screen, a speaker, rechargeable battery, and a floppy drive for miniature floppy disks… if you even know what those are. Aleator777 has also thrown in a rotary knob to help you navigate the watch’s programs.

For those interested in a smart watch with a vintage flare, Aleator777 has made this step-by-step guide with everything you’ll need to make your own watch—including any necessary files and software.

Image: Instructables YouTube

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