Building Up Peace Park

Next up in our continued coverage leading up to Peace Park 3, we get with photographer Dean Blotto Gray to takes us behind the scenes at Grand Targhee Resort this past April.

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Taking Danny’s ideas of the Peace Park terrain and making it happen on snow is a massive undertaking. You can dream up ideas all day long for snowboarding features, but you need good organization (Bryan Knox) and a good builder (Snow Park Technologies), and a willing resort (Grand Targhee) to make it happen. Obviously there’s a hundred moving parts and persons involved beyond that, along with the financial backing (Burton, Mtn Dew, etc.), but it goes to show great ideas do come to life with positive and motivated people around.

Witnessing this happen before and during the event is something to behold—massive respect to all of those making it happen. Also, for Danny to include a whole batch of his fellow snowboarding pros, along with the local legends (Travis Rice, Bryan Iguchi, Rob Kingwill, etc.) goes to show D.Davis cares about the sport and his colleagues. He even asks that his name be excluded from the voting! Legend.

The time and effort that went into documenting Peace Park was a giant task as well—numerous filmers, numerous filming techniques/systems, a few photographers—all working in sync to make the documentation process possible so we could produce a film, video teasers, blog photos, and magazine stories. You have to remember Peace Park this year was a complete mountain run, not just a contained area, so there was always something popping off on any part of the course—nonstop action, basically!

Danny also brought in a chef for on-hill eats and musical guests for our gathering area down at base camp. The dude thinks about an event based on a 24-hour clock, not just the daylight hours. Stoked.

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For more on what went in to building up Peace Park this year, check out Blotto’s piece on Manfrotto’s blog here.

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