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Burton x Mountain Dew 2015 "The Family Tree" Snowboard Series

Continuing their successful sustainable partnership with Mountain Dew, Burton's "The Family Tree" series of snowboards has been updated for the 2015 season with new shapes designed for different types of freeriding, and uses the Green Mountain Process, which recycles Mountain Dew bottles to make a variety of materials that can be used for everything from boards to apparel. Each model of the "The Family Tree" series features FSC certified wood cores, recycled PET top sheets made completely from Mountain Dew bottles, and a low-impact water-based lacquer. To be even more environmentally conscious, all "The Family Tree" boards are sold in fully recyclable and compostable bags. Take a look at each of the seven boards in the series, and give a big round of applause to Mountain Dew and Burton for making us feel even better about snowboarding.

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