Cam’ron Flips The Breakfast Script with Killa Crunch Cereal Boxes

Look, selling records in the year 2015 is not an easy endeavor, even if you're a veteran with a proven track record of dope cuts and bomb albums. Anything goes and everything is possible these days. So it should be no surprise that Cam’ron, Dipset-honcho and fashion-forward artist of the highest order, just dropped a limited edition $45 box of cereal that doesn’t have any cereal in it.

Not since the days of Rap Snacks, the ill-advised odd-flavored hip-hop themed potato chips, have we found a promo item as appealing yet unappetizing as Cam’ron’s Killa Crunch cereal boxes. On the upside the t-shirt in Cam’s much-publicized Killa Crunch boxes weren’t supposed to be edible. On the other upside, select boxes have a $100 bill hidden inside and a crispy benji is the way to start the day. Plus, the whole shebang was inspired by the Dipset honcho’s 2014 Complex cover story.

On the downside, Killa Cam’s Wonka-esque boxes were hidden in bodegas all across NYC. Think about how many bodegas there are. Those boxes could have been could be anywhere. We have a better chance of finding oompa-loompas cooking omelets at a greasy spoon than finding a box of Killa Crunch in the wild. Regardless, Cam (who we’re thinking should add “Count Rockula” to his list of pseudonyms?) managed to generate a massive groundswell of publicity that was even more contagious than his ebola-mask campaign.

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