Cannibal Ox is back to consume hip-hop with three new tracks

When Cannibal Ox put out The Cold Vein in 2001, underground hip-hop heads were pumped. Vast Aire and Vordul Mega were spitting superior lyrics with a sound that—thanks to El-P’s production—put you in a trance. Since then, Vast Aire put out some solo stuff but Cannibal Ox kind of just disappeared. Until now. They just dropped three new tracks—Gotham (Ox City), Gases In Hell (Inhale), and Psalm 82—with the same old Cannibal Ox feel that will have you shunning most of the other subpar hip-hop being produced now. We feel bad for other emcees. They are about to be cannibalized!
You can download the tracks from Amazon on April 16th.

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