Get Your Night Vision On With The Canon ME20F-SH

When shooting in situations where there isn’t much light to work with, you can often miss some pretty significant details that can add to your photographic narrative. Increasing your ISO can help with illuminating your image but that also often adds a lot of noise and distortion, which can be a major issue.

Canon recently revealed the ME20F-SH—its 4,000,000 ISO behemoth—before the Internet (which is going nuts). This means that with this camera you now can capture images and video in insanely low-light situations. The camera also boasts a new and immensely improved CMOS sensor that enables you to produce low-noise videos and images, unlike any camera that’s come before it.

Check out all of the specs at work in the video above. It’s interesting to note that the camera’s sensors can capture far more than the naked eye can perceive. We imagine that there are going to be some insane cosmic time lapses that come out of this (maybe our next “Hidden” video will be a look into space and at what’s above and all around us).

With a price tag of $30,000 this camera won’t be for everyone and might need to be in the hands of a special kind of photographer, but this could very well be a sign of what’s to come for camera technology. Head over to Canon to check out the full specs of the ME20F-SH.

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