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Illustrious Ink: The Celebrity Tattoo Artists You Should Know

Long gone are the days of tattoos being taboo, and now pretty much everyone and their mom has gotten some ink on their body, celebrities included. Since they’re constantly in the public eye, if they’re getting a tattoo, it better look good, so they go to the best of the best in the industry. However, just because we might not have the same fame and fortune as our favorite celebrities, doesn’t mean that we can’t visit the same tattoo artists they do. If you’re willing to be patient on some long waiting lists and to make a lifelong, albeit costly, investment, you, too, can have your body art done by celebrity tattoo artists. You’ve probably already seen their work on the bodies of musicians, actors and models without knowing who they are, but we’re here to change that. Take a look at the 10 celebrity tattooists you should know about.

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