Céline Pays Homage to Skateboarding with the “Natural Hairy Goatskin” Sneaker

In recent years, skateboarding and fashion have borrowed from each other pretty heavily; skate apparel brands have made their way into the wardrobes of the fashion-forward, while this new shoe by Céline is an example of the opposite.

The “Natural Hairy Goatskin” skate slip-on looks like the classic Vans sneaker made famous by Vans, but they aren’t quite the same. Céline’s version of the slip-on includes a stitched faux vulcanized midsole and an upper made of three interesting materials: satin, hairy goatskin, and pony zebra.

We can’t report on board feel and how it fairs after a few sessions with the homies, but this shoe will guarantee you’re chic if you take a few slams.

You can scoop the “Natural Hairy Goatskin” slip-on at Céline now.

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