Eight People To Watch According to Drake’s Instagram

When you think of Drake you think of a hip-hop icon, a man who’s gone from running through the 6 with his woes to running the Apple Music conference. By extension you’d expect his Instagram to be filled with images from his superstar lifestyle, and there’s no shortage of shots featuring Drizzy playing to sold out arenas and rubbing elbows with rap celebs. But buried in between the pics of him shaking hands with Jay Z and feeding a lion (yes, there’s really a pic of him feeding a tiger) are some real hidden gems, shots of Drake with some relatively unknown talents who could very well be the next to blow, especially with a Drizzy co-sign. After all, this is the same man that turned the Weekend into an Internet phenomenon and Makonnen into a Grammy nominee. Could the next Makonnen, the next Weeknd or PND be already hiding inside Drake’s Instragram feed? History says yes, so join us while we highlight ten not-(yet)-famous artists from ChampagnePapi’s IG worth keeping an eye on.

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Bryson Tiller

Whether they have been directly blessed by the 6God or not, Drake has inspired many artists to fuse hip-hop and R&B. Bryson Tiller is a great example of a young artist following in Aubrey’s footsteps. Though  there is no official word on an OVO collaboration or a coveted Drake remix, Tiller’s getting far more than an Instagram shout out these days: he’s rumored to have a deal in place with RCA Records and was recently co-signed by Timbaland as well. Don’t be surprised if you’re hearing Tiller’s name on a daily basis by the time 2015 has come to a close.

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Jim Joe

Even if you haven’t listened to Drake’s last project, IYRTITL, you have definitely seen the album artwork. Memes…the memes…memes everywhere. While you know the art, you probably don’t know the man behind it… Meet Jim Joe. Much more than just a mixtape cover, Jim Joe has become one of street art’s most buzzed-about names, dotting New York City with his work and earning gallery spots from Toronto to Paris. It’s more than just music—Drake’s got his finger on the pulse of breaking artists from every medium.

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If you scroll far enough back through Drake’s timeline you’ll see multiple appearances by Popcaan, the Jamaican artist who appears more often than just about anyone who isn’t Drake’s family or an official part of OVO. It makes sense—a close listen to IYRTITL reveals Pop’s heavy influence; that’s him speaking in a Jamaican patios on “No Tellin,” and that’s him again singing a piece of his song “Ghetto (Tired of Crying)” on “Know Yourself. If you want to hear the future of dancehall, and perhaps the future of OVO, look no farther.

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Actor turned singer turned rapper turned aspiring actor and comedian, Aubrey is praised for his versatility, but that’s nothing compared to Vashtie. A New York based director, filmmaker, artist, designer, creative consultant and DJ, Vashtie, puts him to shame. When she’s not busy designing custom sneakers for Nike she’s creating videos like “A.D.H.D.” for Kendrick Lamar, with the occasional break to help Beats by Dre design their headphones. She’s often called “Downtown’s Sweetheart,” but modern-day Renaissance woman would be more accurate.

Man like Wiley been checked for me from time. Truly one of the best to ever do it. #Legends 🇬🇧

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If you reside in England (or you’re Drake), you might very well know all about Wiley, but if you call the US home there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard the name. Often called the Godfather of Grime Music (grime being a style of music big in England that combines dancehall, drum and bass, garage and much more), if you truly know Wiley’s music you’ll know that he’s certainly had an influence on Drizzy’s style.


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Shea Serrano

Though we’ve already seen that Drake’s shout outs can be off the beaten path, this next one is way out (“wayyyyyyy out…”). Here, Drizzy is pictured coloring a picture of UGK rapper and his Houston mentor, Bun B; that picture comes from Bun B’s coloring book, which was written and illustrated by the ultra-talented writer and artist Shea Serrano. Serrano was a middle school teacher when he published that book. Just imagine going from the classroom to the world watching Drake color one of your pictures.

Who are we as artists without these guys.

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The Engineers

While Drake deserves credit for his success, he’s also quick to highlight that OVO is a team effort. He often shows off Noah “40” Shebib, but he also throws some praise to Young Guru (Jay Z’s go-to engineer), and Ali (aka Mixed by Ali, aka Kendrick and TDE’s resident engineer). They may live behind the scenes, but if you’re truly a fan of Drake, Hova or Kendrick, you need to know the names of these men as well.

We know you love that 6 Side @djstephfloss

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Nesby Phips

We’re about to go deep on this one. At first glance you might think we’re going to highlight DJ Steph Floss—who deserves a shoutout in his own right—but look even closer. Floss is rocking a Nesby Phips shirt, a young artist repping another side of New Orleans. Nesby has been working to build a sound all of his own for years now, and who knows how many people are now fans of that sound thanks to some shine on Drake’s Instagram.

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