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OVO Fest and Toronto’s Hidden Basketball Courts: Charlie Lindsay, Digging Through the Greats

Each week, Green Label invites a visionary photographer, filmmaker, designer or artist to dig through their folios and tell the story of their favorite works. This is: Charlie Lindsay.

I first got a camera when I was at the University of Windsor taking film classes. I used to play basketball, but I didn’t end up making the team. So instead, I ended up being their video guy. I started getting influenced by people on Tumblr and Instagram, took more photography classes, and it all unfolded from there.

I love capturing moments. Everywhere I go I try to create memories of these events, and the people and places I’ve seen.

Keep shooting. All the time. If it’s something that you love, keep going for it. Do what makes you feel good; a lot of people get caught up in keeping up with fads and trends, but if you’re shooting stuff you love, you can never get bored of it.

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