Check The Label: COMPLETE VII

Raised in the “Chicagoland suburbs” and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 26 year-old Adeshola Makinde launched his streetwear line Complete VII as a way “to make tangible things that also allow for me to speak my mind.”

As a black man in fraught political climate, Makinde’s first collection was his perspective “on everything that’s going on in the news with all of the racism that my brothers and sisters alike have been dealing with. Why not come forward with a brand now and have something to say? Personally, right now as a black designer, I think it’s only right to shed light and/or spark a conversation that moves things forward in these dire times.”

His biggest achievement so far is a recent pop-up at Chicago‘s NOTRE boutique, as well as his recently opened webstore, at

When asked what trends he was into lately, he says, “I honestly get turned off by the idea of trends. I’m someone who tends to stay true to a certain style that I feel very strongly about. With that being said, I want to make sure my brand is built on an ethos/products that I genuinely feel passionate about. I never want to be a brand that has to chase a certain trend because that’s what’s selling; I want to have integrity.”

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