Check The Label: Get Ready for the Waves of Coastal Cult

GreyxWaves has something every starting-out streetwear brand should have: a unique mission statement. They were formed as “part of the belief that big-name brands lost that mindset of making really great quality items that are not only functional but artistic.” Meanwhile, lead designer Greyxwaves (aka Matt), a “starving visual artist chasing a dream” has a dope illustration game, which it actually turns out is the product of only his iPhone, the Adobe Ideas app, and his forefinger.

The line features a lot of Greyxwaves’s stealth visuals on black acrylic/cotton, but their first cut-and-sew-piece, this printed satin backpack, is totally sold out. Similarly, we found the marble-printed tee super hot and also sold out.

CC want you to know that every time you wear their gear, you’re a member of the Coastal Cult. Now, if they could just restock I’d love to join.Hazy-Deeds-Marble-Tee-front-300x300@2x

coastal cult 2

Grey Waves 🌊🌊

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