Check the Preview for JR’s Tribeca-Selected Short Film, Les Bosquets

JR, the self proclaimed “photograffeur,” will now be donning a new hat. Following reports of his directorial debut with Robert De Niro, for an Ellis Island-based film, the French street art luminary provides us with a look at another film.

Debuting at Tribeca this week, Les Bosquets is a short film inspired by the 2005 French riots and their primary documentarian, French director and filmmaker Ladj Ly.

JR’s connection to the riots—and to Ladj Ly—begin with his Portrait of a Generation exhibition, in 2004.

Comprised of photographic images of the youth of the Clichy-Montfermeil suburbs, the Portrait exhibition utilized the multitude of walls throughout the Cité des Bosquets as a gallery.

In France, a “cité” is a housing project. Found on the outskirts of large cities, they are frequently the source of tensions related to poverty and racism.

Thus the placement of this exhibition, and the significance of these subjects in particular, would come into play when the French riots began in 2005. Les Bosquets, originally a 2014 ballet production choreographed by JR and scored by Woodkid, is inspired by the story of filmmaker and director Ladj Ly’s documentation of these riots.

The trailer for the film, presented by Social Animals, offers a preview of what you can expect from the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival official select. In film form, Les Bosquets takes the 2014 performance out of the confines of the NYC Ballet and places its dancers into the French suburbs.

The film will also feature original music from Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Ben Wallfisch, and Woodkid. JR’s Les Bosquets will be shown exclusively in galleries and museum shows.

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