CJ Hendry and the Nike Air Mags That Shook the Sneaker World

Artist CJ Hendry has been making noise across the interweb for a few years now, but recently made an impact that reverberated throughout sneaker blogs. With Back to the Future fever in full effect this year, Hendry caused a stir when an image of a pair of the Nike Air Mag dipped in black paint hit the internet. While some obsessed over how such a thing could be done to such a highly sought-after and culturally significant shoe, they missed the fact that what they were actually looking at was a photo-realistic drawing done in pen.

The NYC-based artist was in attendance at the SCOPE Art Show where a number of her other pen-and-ink drawings were on display. In addition to her drawings the artist herself was featured creating new pieces, while sitting in a plexiglass box for all to see, providing any doubters with evidence that this is all done by hand. CJ Hendry usually creates "fresh" illustrations of designer goods, but for Art Basel Miami she produced fresh works on the spot.

An interesting supplement to the installation and works on display was a container that is continuously filled with the pens used for her drawings over the course of the SCOPE Art Show. It'll be interesting to see where Hendry goes from here.


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images: Gregston Hurdle & CJ Hendry

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