Claw Money Returns to NYC With New Claw&Co LES Shop

One of NYC's—no the world's—greatest bombers has made her way back home in the form of a new Lower East Side boutique.

Claudia “Claw Money” Gold has set up shop in her former stomping grounds with the new Claw&Co shop, in the same New York City neighborhood where she made her name throughout the '80s and '90s.

The story of Claw&Co begins with the “paw with three claws.” The iconic symbol first came about when Claw Money began putting nails on the last letter of her tag, or the “w.” It would slowly come to replace her tag altogether, and was seen on every block up and down Manhattan and throughout Brooklyn and Queens (and beyond). The simple, instantly recognizable Claw-paw wasn't just perfect for graffiti; it would prove to be serendipitous as she transitioned from a writer to a brand over time, Claw and Co.

After 20 years of commissioned work, including collaborations with major companies like Nike, and fans like MIA and Kanye West, this new shop is another chapter in her legacy.

Located at 101 Delancey, Claw&Co is a low-key treasure trove of vintage goods, custom pieces, emerging streetwear brands, and nostalgia.

In addition to some new collections from the in-house line, you’ll get a chance to check out Claw’s past collaborations with Nike, old copies of Swindle, her customized Starter and Chanel jackets, vintage jewelry and painted denim jackets, pieces from her line of sunglasses, boomboxes covered in “wildstyle” graffiti, jumpsuits that she used to wear to paint, and canvases. While checking out the shop we also got a glimpse at the bottles she designed for Green Label Art. The multicolored bottles were designed by Claw Money back in 2009 as part of Volume 3 of the Green Label Artists Series.

There’s a lot going on, but shop manager, Jade, let us know that it’s organized chaos. “It’s everything Claw! She’s eccentric and there are a lot of different pieces to her, so we wanted to make sure that we represented that here. We wanted to make sure that the shop was the perfect embodiment and extension of Claw.”

At the end of April, Claw&Co will be hosting an art show with Wane COD, another of NYC’s major graffiti players, and every few weeks they will continue their ongoing artists series (it has already featured SPOne, Aroe77, Yes2, and Baron Von Fancy).

On the product side, there's a collaboration with FILA Sneakers coming this May. “We want to bring back that old New York vibe. We want to inspire more stores and boutiques in the area!” says Jade.

Images: Green Label, ClawandCo

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