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Everything You Need to Go Coachella Camping Like a Boss

Coachella is, without a doubt, the best all-around music festival in the country. Last year was my first time, and I can easily say it was the best experience of the year for me. Outkast murdered the stage, I was reminded of how many hits Pharrell has (it's gotta be more than the Beatles and Migos combined), and I met some of the most amazing people.

Now that I've successfully beamed myself into the supreme bliss that is Coachella, I have to remember there are some essential steps when preparing for a festival of this magnitude. The most important one being: camping supplies.

The camping ground is everything at Coachella. It's where you're going to meet all of your new friends. It's where you'll find a stranger willing to give you a hamburger when you think you're dying of starvation. It's also where the person with the most pimp camping supplies is king. That's why we've gathered the most boss Coachella camping gear known to man. Click through to peep.

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