Coachella Interview: ASAP Ferg Talks M.I.A. Tour and Bringing Back BMX

We're currently taking in the great weather and events going down during weekend 1 of Coachella. The latest familiar face to swing through the Fuse/Vevo House At Coachella is none other than the Trap Lord himself, ASAP Ferg. Our Editor-in-Chief Brad Clarke and Ferg stepped out of the heat for a bit to talk about his upcoming tour with M.I.A, being a fan of DMX, and why the world of BMX (currently being dominated by his homie Nigel Sylvester) is more common to him than you know.

This is your first time as a solo performer at Coachella. What’s the experience been like so far?
I actually just got here. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into this day.

Who are some people that paved the way for you to be the Trap Lord?
DMX and the whole Ruff Ryder movement, Jay-Z and the Roc A Fella nation, KRS One, Public Enemy, Whodini, Afrika Bambaataa, and pretty much all of the forefathers who weren’t afraid to be different. Originally, to be “hip-hop” was to be different and innovative. They weren’t afraid to express themselves, and that’s what I’m doing right now — just continuing the legacy.

You and Nigel Sylvester have done some work together recently. How did you link with him and the whole BMX culture?
A lot of people don’t know that I do ride BMX. [Nigel] just built me a new bike, and I’ve been riding since before I was rapping. That’s a side of me that the world will see soon. We’re gonna bring the sport back up because a lot of people have been supporting the skateboarders recently. It’s time to bring the cool back to the BMX life.

A lot of people were surprised to hear that you’re going on tour with M.I.A. How did you guys start planning for that?
I met M.I.A. at a Jeremy Scott performance that we performed at together. She’s just a cool person. I always loved her music, and she pretty much represents the culture without being a culture vulture. It’s definitely a pleasure to work with her on this tour and we should be hitting up all 50 states. It’s looking crazy.

Images: Laura Austin

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