Coachella Interview: The Preatures Put Us On To Vegemite and Aussie Bands

The Preatures (comprised of Izzy, Gideon, Luke, Jack, and Thomas) are one of Australia’s latest bands to cross over to the States — and we’re so glad they made the trip. Fresh off of opening the main stage at Coachella, the band met up with us at the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella we’ve been chilling at all day to put us on to a few essentials from their neck of the woods. Keep reading for a quick lesson in cool Aussie bands you need to know about and a salty treat called Vegemite.

You guys just got off the stage at Coachella. Give us a walkthrough of what the on-stage experience was like.
Opening the main stage was great. We haven’t really played that many festivals, even in Australia. To go from that point in our career to being here at Coachella is pretty epic. That’s the best word to describe the moment.

What’s the difference between Australia’s music scene compared to here in the states?
There’s something really cool [musically] happening in Australia at the moment that’s been sort of happening for the last couple of years. It’s so easy for us to come over now because of the interest in Australia. We’re pretty lucky in that sense. It’s good to be a part of a run of bands that have come over.

I think we’re a part of a really interesting lens that Australia’s getting viewed in. Compared to American bands, they put on bigger shows inherently. That kind of “shoot real high” attitude doesn’t exist in Australia; you get shut down for doing stuff like that over there. We wish we could be like those American bands that just pump it with no shame though.

Who are some emerging Australian bands you guys think people should know about?
Elizabeth Rose, Bad Dreams, Guns from Perth [Australia], Jonti, C.K., Flat Facilities, Chet Faker — there’s just a lot going on over there.

Now that your set is over, which bands are you guys looking to see as fans?
Outkast! That is why we are here [Laughs]. We’d really like to see Beck, too.

Do you guys bring any comfort foods with you from Australia?
We take Vegemite with us everywhere, but it’s not really a “haute cuisine.” It’s one of those things that you’ve got to be brought up with [to appreciate it]. You put it on toast, or can cook gravy with it. Don’t lay it on thick, though; it’s 110% salt. A little bit is just enough.

Images: Laura Austin

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