Coachella Interview: Rudimental Talks Dream Collabs And Spice Girls Style

Amongst the UK hits and big wins at the BRIT Awards, Rudimental found time to finally bless the Coachella stage for the first time. Before going on though, we ran into them at the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella to have a few laughs and talk about what influences their style — which, believe it or not, has a little to do with the Spice Girls. But not really.

Breakdown your group’s style today?
DJ Locksmith: We’re like the Spice Girls, aren’t we [Laughs]? I’m probably Sporty Spice.
Amir Amor: I think I’m Posh Spice, since I like the suave kind of look.
Kesi Dryden: I guess I’ll go for Scary Spice because I don’t want to be Baby Spice [Laughs].

How are you guys feeling about you first Coachella performance?
We’re really excited. It’s a full live band with nine of us on stage — everything from brass to vocalists to us playing our instruments. We can’t wait to vibe out there.

In your young career, what’s the craziest thing you guys have experienced so far?
We keep mentioning this, but we did a festival in England called V Festival with 50,000 people screaming our songs. That was a really special moment. Each of us can say that the feeling of that moment is stuck in our heads.
Another crazy thing would be the BRIT Awards. That’s our equivalent to the Grammys. That moment was big for us.

Who are some of your dream collaborators?
Lauryn Hill would have to be one of them for sure. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is one our favorite albums. We’d love to get back to that old school Lauryn. Getting the Fugees back together would be epic.
We’ve always loved Funkadelic. We grew up listening to them, and actually did two tracks with George Clinton recently. That was a dream! There have actually been a few dreams come true for us. People just have to wait to see them.

Images: Laura Austin

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