Coachella Interview: Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss Talks Touring and NYC Style Inspiration

It was time we head over to the festival and see what’s going down at Coachella. We happened to run into Sleigh Bells leading lady Alexis Krauss, where she chopped it up with us for a few minutes about how New York inspired her onstage style, the band’s nonstop touring, and one pretty confident concertgoer.

What are your feelings around this Coachella performance?
It’s been incredibly exciting. We’ve been on a tour in the middle of a tour. Coachella is one of our first major festivals of the spring/summer season, and it’s been an honor overall.

What’s something you’ve seen so far at the festival that was pretty bugged out?
I saw a girl with cut-off shorts that were rainbow and metallic, but then she had black mesh shorts covering those — on top of a lot of cellulite. I just thought, “Good for you that you feel confident enough to rock that.” It was pretty intense.

Who inspires your fashion?
New York inspires me, for sure. I wear all-black everything, but still keep it simple and clean. I don’t spend too much time thinking about what I’m wearing. If I like it and it feels comfortable, I’ll stick with it.

After you kill the stage, what’s up next on the agenda?
We’re touring for most of the summer. We go to Europe soon, and then we’ll do more festivals over here. After that, we’ll be getting back in the studio to make another record. We’ll be grinding for the fans.

Images: Laura Austin

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