Coachella Style Profile: A$AP Mob

Can you remember your first time at Coachella? The dudes of A$AP Mob — A$AP Ferg, Marty Baller, and A$AP Tarz to be exact — are currently making their festival debut, and it's sounding like the show will be pretty epic. Here's a quick style talk we had with them at the Fuse/VEVO House at Coachella about what they're flossin' with on stage.

What do you guys got going on with your style right now?
A$AP Tarz: We’re coming in with a very rare throwback Wu-Tang steez. We’re ready to kill the stage in this.

Marty Baller: This is what I woke up in. This is our first time here, so I hope they’re prepared for us to crowd surf and go crazy.

A$AP Ferg: I definitely need my 24-karat gold ring with the diamonds on it and the quartz stone. I need my Trap Lord bandana to wipe my face because it’s hot out here. Most importantly though, I need the A$AP Mob to mob out with me — and they better come because they’re late right now [Laughs].

Images: Laura Austin

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