Coachella Style Profile: Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge

Aluna Francis of the English duo AlunaGeorge is such a sight to see. That’s why we had to grill her on how she puts together her London-inspired style as she stopped through the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella. From Wembley Stadium to the deserts of Indio, this girl is always on point — whether she’s off the stage or chilling in our decked out backyard.

What’s the experience been like for your first time at Coachella?
When you first walk in, it’s like this epic utopian dream. It’s literally like a heaven space. It continues to be that way until the sandstorm comes [Laughs].

This stage is one of the biggest platforms for live music. Where was the first time you did a show with a crowd similar to this one?
I think it was a Capital FM Summertime Ball in Wembley Stadium. There were 80,000 people, and I had to come up on a podium that came out of the ground in the middle of the stadium. I had audience on all four sides. I had to find a way to perform on each side, so it had me running around like a rat in a cage.

How has coming from London shaped you as an artist, both musically and style-wise?
I think since London attracts musicians from all over the world, you definitely get the benefit of having your mind open to the possibilities that are out there. You might not even realize that you’re mixing genres because you naturally choose the things you like about certain types of music. As far as style, London’s eccentricity is all about taking risks. I love to stand out with maybe something that’s a little bit Vivienne Westwood.

How about today? What inspired your festival get-up?
I’m wearing Marc Jacobs shorts and an Emilio Pucci sheer vest with embroidery and sequins. I went for this because obviously it’s boiling hot out here. We need to look chic, so that’s why I chose something that glitters. I just thought this was an amazing festival piece. It’s super expressive.

Any crazy fashion moments you spot out there?
There’s a lot of flesh out there [Laughs].

Images: Laura Austin

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