Coachella Style Profile: AFI’s Davey Havok

Day 1 of Coachella was definitely one for the books — thanks in part to a dope live set from AFI. The band’s lead vocalist, Davey Havok, came through to chill at the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella, and his style was the first thing we noticed. Here’s a breakdown of how he put together this head turning kit for the festival.

You’re a pretty stylish dude. Break down your personal style today.
Right now, I’m going pretty casual. I am a fan of suits, and often can be seen in one. Today I decided to go with Ann [Demeulemeester], Vivienne [Westwood] and Paul Smith. I’ve been into prints a lot lately, like the florals that Paul classically does. I’m so sad to see Ann leaving, but I have faith that her [fashion] house will continue in a similar fashion. I can either go fitted and slim with high hems or draped like the style of Ann, Rick [Owens], Julius, Boris [Bidjan Saberi], and Yohji [Yamamoto]. It’s either fancy witch-wear or tailored classic [Laughs].

I’m wearing rubber Vivienne Westwood moccasins with an indigo iridescent [pair of pants] with hints of pink — which match the socks. David Bowie may have wearing something similar to this in the “Let’s Dance” era [Laughs]. Then again, it might be more of a Duckie from Pretty In Pink kind of situation happening here. I’m not wearing the creepers, although I wish I had them. It’s hard to find Vivienne creepers that are pointy-toed. Actually, Nicora Johns — who makes the boots I wear on stage — is making me a pair of custom vegan monk strap pointy creepers.

I have a floral print Paul Smith shirt on with my favorite Rag And Bone Keaton sunglasses. The first pair broke, so I had to go get another pair. Unfortunately, I lost those after I hit my head on the metallic door jam of a minivan that I thought was a regular van — which left me addled for the rest of the night. I went to get a smoothie and left them somewhere. This is my third pair.

This is an Anatometal that I’m wearing, which is the best in body jewelry. They’ve been taking care of me for years. They’re from Santa Cruz, and very involved in their design. It’s pretty much nice jewelry for all of us who are crazy enough to destroy our bodies.

I only dress the way that makes me comfortable. As culture changes around me, I shift with it. I’ve never really looked to one person or subject. I used Duckie as a reference, but that’s something that came off the top of my head. It all depends on my mood for the day.

What’s the craziest fashion you’ve seen at Coachella so far?
I definitely saw a girl in traditional lederhosen, looking like she was coming from the Hauptbah. She had long braid, sandals, and a giant long beard. Come to find out, she was not a “she” after all [Laughs]. I love seeing stuff like that.

Images: Laura Austin

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