Coachella Style Profile: Kate Nash

Vibrant, beautiful, and donning a full head of pink hair, London’s own Kate Nash blessed us with her presence at the Fuse/Vevo House at Coachella. Of course, since her style was on point, we had to sit down with her to talk style inspiration and why The Dum Dum Girls stood out the most in her eyes — and everyone else’s, too.

Break down your style for us real quick.
I dyed my hair pink for Coachella, because the name of my tour was In The Womb It’s Safe And Warm. For the show, I built these pink sculptures that reflected that idea. Colby Smith did my makeup to match my Twiggy shades. This is a Burning Torch kimono dress that goes with the vintage style of my sandals. I had an outfit made specifically for the stage by this girl called Rose who has a label called That’s Totally Fine. I’ve just been trying to color coordinate.

I sell these Girl Gang necklaces as merch on my website and at shows. I have so many young female friends that I really like to encourage and support. I’m trying to encourage more girls to play music, start bands, and nothing but girl love.

Where else do you draw style inspiration?
I guess other musicians and movies. A mix of Kathleen Hanna and Joan Jett to Scarlett O’ Hara and Marilyn Monroe is generally my thing. I also love the style of female artists like The Supremes, Karen O, M.I.A., Bjork, and people that really put on a show visually. Clothes and fashion should be fun. I think it’s a part of the performance. For me, it helps me to get in the mood and play out the character I become on stage.

What outfit has stood out the most out here?
I was so impressed that the Dum Dum Girls still rock all black. Dee Dee [Penny] looked amazing! Her sheer, mesh black top was perfect. She must’ve been so hot, but she looked so cool. I spoke to Malia [James], and she had on two pairs of thick black tights on. We just saw [Lizzy Plapinger] of MS MR, and she has pink hair like me. She had a really fun pantsuit with all these cartoons on it and a matching jacket.

Images: Laura Austin

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