Coachella Style Profile: Matthew Healy of The 1975

We might be coming to the end of Coachella weekend 1, but the party vibe here at the Fuse/Vevo House is still going strong. Matthew Healy of The 1975 came through to check us out, and we immediately got him to talk about his interesting festival style. It’s a little bit rock, a little bit soul, but definitely a whole lot of cool.

How did you come up with your style for today?
Black is the mantra for today. My friend Emma says that “black” and “expensive” seem to be my thing [Laughs]. I wear a lot of women’s shirts. I also have about 10 pairs of Nudie Jeans. I have on a pair of Prada boots, but you should invest in any type of boots as long as they’re good quality. Recently, I’ve been going for a suede vibe.

I was on Venice Beach the other day, and a mate and I were riding around listening to music. I didn’t have any sunglasses, and I saw the ones I have on now. I thought they were just bodacious, and had to buy them.

What inspires your style?
To a certain extent, ’90s R&B/soul inspires me. I’ve got a Bobby Brown t-shirt and Alexander O’Neal shirt, but I dress more like an Englishmen. I love what young Bono used to wear. I’m very ’80s; I love people like Michael Hutchence.

What’s been some crazy style examples you’ve seen at the festival?
I’ve actually seen less clothes and more minimalism. On tour though, I have a jacket that I’m refusing to not wear. I spent good, hard money on it. It may be made of fur, extend to the floor, and have a hood on it, but it’s fabulous. It’s like I’m wearing a bear.

Images: Laura Austin

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