Coachella Style Profile: ZZ Ward

This set-up we’ve got going on at the Fuse/Vevo House At Coachella is looking better by the moment, especially with people like ZZ Ward swinging through to hang out with us. There’s no way we were letting her head out without getting a quick profile on her head-to-toe festival style. From fedoras to Pharrell hats, these are a few things the soul singer has come across in the midst of Coachella weekend.

What’s going on right now with your style?
I have on a Topshop fedora; it’s simple, basic, but killing it. I have on a pair of fake leather shorts, a feathered top that I really like, this shawl from Topshop that I loved, and these really sick bracelets that BCBG made me. One of them says my name, and the other says “Inspire” — which helps me to remember what I’m supposed to do on stage. My glasses are Vivienne Westwood, which come in handy because it’s really bright out here.

I’m not really sure where I got this cool horn. I think it might be secondhand. My kicks are probably my favorite shoes ever. I think they’re called Ibiza or something. The great thing about putting together a good outfit for Coachella is that you can mix really well known brands with things that just look awesome from secondhand spots. I’ve never really heard of the brand of these shoes before, but they’re perfect.

Who inspires your style?
I love to mix feminine and masculine styles, but Coachella definitely brings out the feminine side more because it’s so hot. I also wear my fedora to pay homage to the blues, which got me involved in music in the first place. Rain or shine, wind or no wind, I wear a fedora. Even amongst the trends going around, you have to make sure that you’re staying close to your artistry.

We’ve got to ask about the craziest outfit you seen out there during the festival.
I will say, I’ve seen some pretty wild looks. A lot of people are wearing the Pharrell hat. I turned around about three times and said, “Oh! Pharrell’s here.” It was totally not Pharrell at all, but the hat was identical. I also saw some wrestlers lathered up in oil and spikes on their shoulders. I don’t know what they’re doing, but I can care less because it’s just like, “Let’s make this into what Woodstock was.” We have to have great music and crazy stuff going on. I appreciate anyone doing that.

Images: Laura Austin

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