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Confidential Cuisine: Secret Menu Items You Need to Try

By now you’ve been to enough fast food joints to know their menus inside and out. Before you’re even through the door to said spot, you’ve already mentally committed to your go-to unless a new seasonal item sways you. Sometimes we’re tempted to deviate, but it’s usually just because we’re not in the mood for the same old thing. However, what you didn’t know is that there are actually more options than what’s printed above the cash register.

Most franchises have plenty of variations hiding out on a secret menu. A quick web search will find a glut of options, but we went through and filtered out the best. Not only are these secret items a way to switch things up, but also some are so good that they’ve become staples to those who’ve tried them. And don’t worry, the 10 choices below are tried and true, so you’ll never get a blank stare when you request them. Here are the 10 best menu items you didn’t know existed.

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