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The Coolest Film Directors Right Now

When considering your favorite films, it’s easy to think about the actors, plots or even genres you like before ever name dropping who actually directed the project. However, no good film has come together — or garnered top tier honors during awards season — without the guidance of a great director skilled at bringing the story to life. A-list actors rise on the scene in regular rotation, but a well-respected director comes through only once in a while, sometimes with yearlong gaps in-between the rise of new directorial talent.

Thankfully, the guys who do deliver classic projects know how to stay relevant in the industry. They’re pretty much equipped with the keys to keeping it cool. Take a look at the film directors that currently have us planted in movie theater seats on a regular basis. From the usual names we know and love to cult legends and guys on the rise, these dudes are currently dominating Tinseltown.

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