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Tim Burton

Coolest Film: Beetlejuice

It seems like Tim Burton thinks outside of the realms of our reality, always playing with a range of film ideas. He’s done a rendition of The Planet Of The Apes in 2001, was in charge of the Batman franchise from 1989 to 1992, and used the 1988 cult classic Beetlejuice to turn Michael Keaton into, well, we’re not sure what Beetlejuice was supposed to be exactly. However, even with his career spanning back two decades, Tim Burton has still managed to stay modern with hits like a rendition of Alice In Wonderland in 2010 and Frankenweenie, a nod style-wise to his classic Nightmare Before Christmas movie, in 2012. If we can get a sequel to Beetlejuice, though, Burton would definitely be the man of the year.

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