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The Coolest LEGO Collaborations We’ve Seen So Far

It’s a little known fact that LEGO has produced around 530 billion pieces as of 2013. Now that’s a lot of building blocks to keep up with! Since 1949, we’ve been enjoying all the plastic bricks and mini figurines LEGO has thrown our way from trains to castles and even complete cities. Basically, there’s no real limit to the amount of things you can create with them. It’s even better when we get special edition LEGO collaborations of popular series like Spider-Man, Harry Potter and the extremely successful Star Wars.

With The Lego Movie smashing the box office in 2014, it’s clear that the company is expanding into a new era of success. Before they go Hollywood on us, though, we hope to get a few more collaboration sets out of them to keep us entertained. If the next set is anything like these 15 amazing collaborations from the past, we definitely won’t mind building a LEGO world out of it. If you’re a collector, or just a really good block builder, hit us up with some of your favorites.

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