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Yayoi Kusama - “Infinity Mirrored Room — The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away”

In December 2013, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama created an optical illusion of an immense space that seemed to go on forever in what was actually the size of a large walk-in closet within the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City. Covering the space in mirrors, she suspended 75 colored flickering and pulsing LED bulbs from the ceiling that made the room like like an expansive starry night sky. Once visitors started documenting the immersive experience of “Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions Light Years Away” on Instagram, it became so popular, long lines formed at the gallery to step into the room for only about 45 seconds before making way for the others who were patient enough to wait to see it.

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