Learn How to Use 3D Printers at Creatorspace

It’s 2015, which basically means it’s the future. Do we have flying cars? No. Do we have robots that clean the house and make food? No. Have we found the cure for the common cold yet? Nope. Wow, the future is kind of wack. But, there is one device that is with the times.

The 3D printer is dope. You can practically make anything—synthetic food, an iPhone 6 case, an acoustic guitar, and it could probably make this dope “Death Star” iHome blue tooth speaker.  The 3D printer is so advanced that it can even be used to make human organs. Yes, human organs. Maybe 2015 isn’t so wack after all.

I’ve never used a 3D printer. I imagine most people haven’t considering the cheapest one cost over $1,000, and it’s not like they’re available at the public library.

Creatorspace in Houston, Texas has got their hands on four different 3D printers: two Prusa Mendel I2 printers, one Prisa 13, and a Rostock mini Delta printer, all in various stages of development. This week, Creatorspace is holding an open house where they’ll teach people how to use a 3D printer, or help the ones who are already familiar with the technology become Obi-Wan with it.

Not only is Creatorspace the leader in 3D printing technology, but they’re about to add the MAME Cabinet to the Space. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine, and it basically turns any room into an arcade. This week they will be evaluating MAME Front-Ends. They hope to have a dedicated computer working for testing and playing soon. What a time to be alive, people!

Go to Creatorspace on March 31 to check out the 3D printers, and come back to get your Donkey Kong on.

Image: Thing Universe

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