Crew Cuts: Illegal Civilization, Episode 4 feat. Shane Gonzales of Midnight Studios

Shane Gonzales was born in the mid ’90s, whose kids came of age in Takashi Murakami-influenced graphics viewed through technicolor shutter shades. Gonzales, personally, idolized the crusty studded leather ensembles of the Sex Pistols who had rocked out decades before, and whose aesthetic has inspired his increasingly iconic Midnight Studios brand.

Part punk, part skate, and in spite of its heavy use of black, at age 22 Gonzales has already collaborated with the original Sex Pistols photographer Steve Emberton, as well as Virgil Abloh’s Off-White. Mikey took a visit to meet old friend Shane at one of his sewing warehouses, where Shane explains how following the hottest trends has never been his thing, and may explain his success today.

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