Crew Cuts: Illegal Civilization, Part 1

Skateboarding used to be split into two dominant types, exemplified by the straight-laced “Aw, shucks!” Powell-Peralta dudes and the Daggers, who burned their whole playbook. Then things got more urban, people started dressing like they were going to a nightclub, and it became OK to skate to rap. Illegal Civilization’s products and videos track this cultural mash-up of everything in skate history, along with a ton of L.A. street skating that’s part aggro, part finesse. Their second video is self-described as “the handbook to being a teenager in 2014.”—Anthony Pappallardo.

In the first video episode of Crew Cuts, Mikey Alfred of Illegal Civ takes us on a tour of Los Angeles and introduces us to his creative friends Kevin White and Olan Prenatt.

See Illegal Civ represented in The Green List: The 100 Best Underground Streetwear Brands in America.

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