Crowdfunded Episode 4: Presenting “The Nuzzis,” Inaugural Awards For Best Crowdfunded Madness

In this episode of Crowdfunded, host @ihatespencernuzzi gives a roundup of the year’s best crowdfunded projects to date, including Best Crowdfunded Robot, Best Crowdfunded Space Project, and Best Cancelled Project. Watch to find out who takes home a “Nuzzi” for their attempt to change the world for the better.

Got a crazy dream? Want to change the world? Or just roll around the globe on your own terms, giving it to the man? On CrowdFunded we bring you the coolest crowdfunded projects from the likes of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe, and celebrate those brave (or crazy) enough to pursue their dreams.

Created by Tom Bannister/SXM. Produced by Larry Laboe/SXM.

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