Crowdfunded With Spencer Nuzzi, Ep. 5: Video-Playing Sneakers and a Trip To Mars

In this episode of Crowdfunded, host @ihatespencernuzzi rings in the new year with a couple of new and innovative crowdfunded projects. From Shiftwear’s video-playing sneakers, to a VR experience taking place on the surface Mars, you can expect 2016 to be full of surprises in the world of crowdfunding.

Got a crazy dream? Want to change the world? Or just roll around the globe on your own terms, giving it to the man? On CrowdFunded we bring you the coolest crowdfunded projects from the likes of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe, and celebrate those brave (or crazy) enough to pursue their dreams.

Created by Tom Bannister/SXM. Produced by Larry Laboe/SXM.

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