Curioos Uses Augmented Reality to Help You Imagine Artwork in Your Home

Digital art site Curioos has a way to help you visualize what one of their prints will look like on your wall with their simple new app.

All you need is a printer for printing out a tracker or a laptop with a downloaded tracker on the screen and you are set to go.

Using your phone or tablet, you can spring up a 3D version of the print on your wall. Tilting the phone will also allow you to see the print’s thickness. All of this will spare your imagination the tough task of rendering what something would look like up on your wall. The idea is to leave less room for disappointment and customer dissatisfaction.

On the other end of this is what it will inspire: Digital art has been happening for a while now, but jumping on the effort to deliver something useful to consumers and clients is right on-trend. Not to mention the burgeoning potential of augmented reality, and how it could be utilized by the art world. Curioos is self-described as “selective” of what artists they represent, only choosing to represent artists whose “talents propel today’s digital art movement.”

Their prints come guaranteed to the highest standards, ensuring their commitment and equal respect for both the artist and collector. Prints can also come on aluminum or glass.

Hopefully others will get on board and enhance the home shopping experience in this way. But for now, you can download the Curioos app and test some prints on your wall.

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