Daft Punk’s most important contributor was Andrew the Pizza Guy

Daft Punk has released a series of video interviews with the collaborators who worked with the French duo on their new album Random Access Memories, which comes out May 21. The videos have featured music icons such as Nile Rodgers, Pharrell Williams, and Panda Bear. Each individual talked about their own creative process and what it was like working with Daft Punk. But Funny or Die has unearthed one of contributor to Daft Punk’s new album who has been largely overlooked, Andrew the Pizza Guy. An employee at Padre’s Pizza in Scottsdale, Arizona, Andrew was on duty when Daft Punk walked into the restaurant and he immediately understood the gravity of the moment. “Every now and then some people come along and make an album that will change the world forever, change the universe for eternity,” Andrew says. “And somebody needs to serve those people some pizza.” In Daft Punk fashion, the group’s members,  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, did not order a traditional pizza pie, opting for toppings such as garlic chicken and seared pineapple. “They ordered the biggest pizza we had,” Andrew says. “They captured everything that made pizza great in the ’70s and then completely made it their own.” Upon further questioning it was unclear whether Andrew had actually served pizza to Daft Punk but listening to “Get Lucky,” the first single off Random Access Memories, it’s hard to deny his influence on the track.

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