Danny Davis’s PEACE PARK Is Coming to a Screen Near You

Danny Davis‘s creative vision comes to fruition with the release of the trailer for the latest installment in the Peace Park video series.

Four years, Danny created PEACE PARK, a bespoke experience created by and for snowboarders.

This year, the fourth installment, in conjunction with Mtn Dew® Green Label Films and Burton Snowboards, results in a 22-minute short film featuring top professional snowboarders from around the world. In it you’ll be able to check out the one-of-kind course that features endless transitions and jumps, a 60-foot BBQ road gap, a hundred-foot long quarter pipe, a twenty-two-foot bowl measuring one hundred feet in diameter.

Here’s what Danny had to say: “PEACE PARK is all about embracing the creative culture of snowboarding and evolving the competitive side of the sport. I’m really stoked that Burton and Mountain Dew have remained supportive of my ongoing vision. I want to show the world the endless fun and creative possibilities of snowboarding beyond the snowboard competitions that you typically see on TV.”

You’ll be able to catch PEACE PARK on ABC’s World of X, Sunday, November 29 at 2 p.m. ET. It will also be available to view internationally for free online via the Mountain Dew YouTube channel on Monday, November 30.


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